What's CAC (Coaches Across Continents?) It's an NGO founded 10 years ago by my good friend, classmate and fellow Harvard Soccer player, Nick Gates. It's designed to help communities in underdeveloped and underserved areas use sport for social change. They are currently in 47 countries with 54 looking for partnership. I've wanted to do this for years and now have the opportunity to invest my time and $. Part of my commitment to the program includes raising $ to help underwrite the costs of running the program, nearly 97% of which are spent on the field via underwriting Global Citizen travel and costs, notably for college interns. But your investment benefits all who participate, most importantly those CAC is helping in the local communities.

I thought it would be fun to bring some Indian culture into my goal of raising $6600. Will you join me as a:

Royal Bengal Tiger: investing $200+ (shooting for 10) India's National Animal and self explanatory bad ass- be one youself!
Nilgiri Tahr: investing $100-$200 (shooting for 25) Just do it- then look it up - this is one cool ungulate!
Greater One-Horned Rhinocerous: $ no donation too small - $100 (shooting for 40) Don't mess with this one, even if you are an elephant!

So now that I have the ask out of the way, here's some more info to help you see how your investment in me and the program makes a difference.

How does it work? Local communities partner for 3 years with CAC to use soccer drills and games along with CAC's off the field curriculum and guides to help start conversations on the field about cultural, traditional and social norms and to ultimately drive policy change.

Part of the 3 year program includes 1 week on the field training by CAC Global Citizens (i.e. me!) for the local leaders, including on field development via the youth programs, so the local leaders/coaches can continue the growth of the program.

It's hard to explain so I suggest you check out this video to see the Ask for Choice program specific to female empowerment in action- this is what I will be doing during my 3 weeks in Amritsar, Nagpur and Hyderabad..


Another video to help explain the science behind the program and curriculum is here and features the program, Slum Soccer, in Nagpur where I will spend my second week. It's a little longer (10 min) but well worth it:


Why would I join CAC and venture to distant and under developed/ under served areas of India you ask? Hopefully if you know me, this would be self evident: Because I want to help women and girls less fortunate feel empowered and improve their basic rights and perceived standing as members in their local communities. Sport, and specifically soccer, has been integral to my own life experience: developing self confidence, leadership and decision making skills; experiencing the power of teamwork, the importance of sportsmanship, and the gratification of being a coach and watching others grow.

Coaches Across Continents: Education Outside the Classroom : We are a global leader in sport for social impact, focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to address issues such as: female empowerment, including gender equity; conflict prevention, including social inclusion; health and wellness, including HIV behavior change; Child Rights; and other life skills. We use our award winning Hat Trick Initiative and Self-Directed Learning Methodology to Design, Develop, and Implement partnerships to create community Legacies. To learn more about Coaches Across Continents visit http://

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