Whether you know me well, or simply as an acquaintance, you know I have a passion for sport. I am a firm believer sport can be used beyond the gym, pool or field, and can be used to improve communities, cities and societies.

My journey in South America this spring as a Global Citizen with Coaching Across Continents will allow me and those joining me to inspire change, education and awareness regrading society’s most important social issues through sport.

Coaches Across Continents: Education Outside the Classroom: We are a global leader in sport for social impact, focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to address issues such as: female empowerment, including gender equity; conflict prevention, including social inclusion; health and wellness,
including HIV behavior change; Child Rights; and other life skills. We use our award winning Hat Trick Initiative and Self-Directed Learning Methodology to Design, Develop, and Implement partnerships to create community Legacies. To learn more about Coaches Across Continents –

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