The ‘Dab Challenge’ for Qhubeka

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware our partnership with Qhubeka is stronger than ever before, and your continuing commitment to this cause has been impressive. Currently, both Europe and the Americas,sit behind Asia-Pac in the fundraising stakes and we need a push to ensure we come out on top!

Consequently, I’d like to introduce you to the Dab Challenge for Qhubeka. The rules are simple: Dab, Donate, Nominate.

Step 1: Dab – Post a photo/video of yourself dabbing on Yammer, make sure to include #dab in your post.

Step 2: Donate – Make a donation to Qhubeka and help change lives!

Step 3: Nominate – Nominate 2 or more colleagues, who you’d like to see under take this challenge.

It's important to remember, once nominated, please participate in all three steps. This will help build the perpetual motion required to change underprivileged lives, So every donation really does matter!

This is a fun opportunity for all employees to engage collectively and unite to ensure we achieve our fundraising targets. I’m very aware that your efforts for Qhubeka have already been outstanding, so please let’s continue our momentum.

Dab, Donate, Nominate.

in support of

Qhubeka Charity

#BicyclesChangeLives United Kingdom

Johannesburg, Gauteng