A Step Towards A Greener Life

Greenpop is a group of people that have the goal of giving back to the environment while still having fun. Through the Eden Festival of Action, I am taking action towards a greener future as I believe that the world that we live in withholds an indescribable beauty that I would regret not giving future generations the opportunity to witness. The Eden Festival of Action 2018 aims to replenish the damages caused by the devastating fires in the Eden district near Knysna. You can support this cause by planting a tree through a small donation or rather purchase of a tree (or more) at a cost of just R120 each. By purchasing a tree, you will be joining the treevolution and giving back to the environment in a small way that will one day make all the difference.

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Trees for Fees 2018 - Eden Festival of Action

Trees for Fees 2018 - Eden Festival of Action

Greenpop is bringing the Festival of Action to the Eden District as a way to launch our ongoing environmental work in the area. Our 2018 fundraising goal of ZAR 600 000 will enable us to plant 5000 trees at the project and beyond!

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Trees for Fees 2018 - Greenpop Eden Festival of Action

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, Western Cape