Running my nuts off for testicular cancer awareness

What motivates me?
I was a teacher when I had testicular cancer 1995. Since then I explained the risk of testicular cancer every year in class to make the boys aware.

A former student of mine invited me for coffee in 2006 just to say thank you that I made them aware. Because of that he went to the doctor in time and was saved at the age of 16!

Work currently in progress: My book "Love your Nuts" will be turned into a one-man-stage-play. The funds I raise will go towards the development of the play and to bring it on stage.

Feel free to contact me ( if you like to know more about my project visit:
Thanks for your fantesticle support!

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Torsten Koehler

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Testicular cancer survivor. Happy OneNut chappy. Founder of the "Love your Nuts" foundation. Have you checked your nuts? #loveyournuts

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