Ride 947 Cycle Challenge Double Lap + Birmingham Velo 100mi

The 10th year anniversary of the CHOC Cows supporting the Childhood Cancer foundation of South Africa. To mark the 10th year milestone the Cows have set an ambitious R10 Million target for 2017 FUNdraising.

I will travel back to South Africa on 19th November 2017 to join the CHOC Cows (Apocalypse Cows) to do 947 Cycle Challenge Double lap once again. One 95km lap for the glory of a sub-3hr race and a second 95km lap to help the CHOC riders and Ice-cream bikes to complete their lap. This will also be done in a crazy outfit (see previous years!!).

As a build up to the event I will also complete the Birmingham Velo 100 mile race on the 24th September 2017 and also complete the Birmingham Half Marathon run (21km) on the 15th October 2017.

Please help support me to generate R15 000 minimum (roughly £1000) towards the CHOC Cows FUNdraising event to support children fighting Cancer in South Africa.

The children fighting this dreadful disease, the CHOC Cows and I thank you whole-heartedly for your kind support.

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