Two Oceans Half Marathon: Running for the Rachel Swart Fund!

Every time I put on my running shoes and tackle another challenge, run faster, run further, master that hill or accomplish a new personal best, I am grateful for the able body that allows me to do all of this! Seeing that I only took up running this year after a long break due to some serious health issues, I am all the more excited to start on this journey towards a half marathon with you!

As we take much of our mobility for granted, I am honored to run at the Two Oceans Half Marathon for the Rachel Swart Fund, a charity that works towards giving back some mobility to people who have lost theirs due to illness or accidents. The Fund is dedicated to helping South Africans with physical disabilities by providing and maintaining mobility devices for individuals who live in disadvantaged communities with restricted access to such devices. This is your chance to give mobility, independence and dignity to deserving recipients whose applications are carefully screened by the Rachel Swart Fund!

Therefore, whether it is R10, R100 or R1000, you choose whichever amount you can and want to give to this precious cause. Please donate plentiful and make a difference in someone's life! Your contributions are greatly appreciated ❤

Thank you for being part of my journey and supporting the Rachel Swart Fund!

PS: Check out their website or FB page for testimonials of their great work!

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Janina Hundenborn

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Follow me on my journey to raise money for the Rachel Swart Fund and running my very first Half Marathon at the OM Two Oceans Marathon 2017!

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The Rachel Swart Fund

Raising Funds for Motorised Wheelchairs 2017

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