Hobart Enterprises Charity Trust cycling for Refilwe

Team Hobart is a group of 42 colleagues and friends of the Hobart Group who decided to put their efforts together and challenge themselves to participate to the 94.7 km Cycle Race this November in order to support the Hobart Enterprises Charity Trust activities and raise funds for its chosen charity: Refilwe Community project.

Refilwe is a NPO in Lanseria, South Africa, who strives to provide safe and secure family environments for the current generation of abandoned and vulnerable children who are fighting for survival.

They have many initiatives such as their Pre-school and the God Parent program aiming to provide education and loving homes to vulnerable children, but one initiative in particular is the Baby Safe, a metal box with weighing sensors, where a mother can abandon her unplanned baby in a safe place to life rather than death as the region is facing an increase in abandons where most newborns would be dumped in drains or dustbins as mothers see no way out.

This baby safe provides the community with a visible reminder that there are options to be considered when dealing with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

With this in mind, the Hobart Charity Trust aims to raise R750,000 in total (around EUR 50,000) for this great cause to keep the charity going!

Our target on Givengain is €20,000 ! For this we need help and we greatly appreciate all your support ! Please help and Donate here.

in support of

Refilwe Community Project

Refilwe Community Project

Johannesburg, Gauteng