Across South Africa, too many children are growing up in disadvantaged circumstances characterized by poverty, violence and abuse. While social assistance grants help to cover basic material needs, their need for care and protection is often unmet. The lack of quality caregiving and safe spaces is hindering these children from fulfilling their potential. In South Africa:

Ø one in three children experience violence;

Ø one in five children of school going age experience sexual violence;

Ø 3.6 million children are orphans;

Ø less than one in three children live with both biological parents;

Ø over 20 per cent of teenage girls report having ever been pregnant.

Gavin Rajah (UNICEF South Africa Ambassador) is teaming up with UNICEF to enlist your help to give all children in South Africa a good reason to smile.

We’re asking you to reach out and help a child in need. How do you do this? It’s all very simple. UNICEF is working with partners to ensure children are protected from violence in South Africa. This includes social mobilisation to create awareness and social change, setting up of Safe Parks where both boys and girls can go to play, receive
psychosocial support, a meal and support with homework and info on HIV prevention.

But we can only do this with your help. This year you can change
a child’s life for only R150.00 (or any other amount you wish to donate)
by clicking the link to UNICEF South Africa to support all children and be the reason a child smiles.

You will enable a child live a safe, healthy and caring future of children in South Africa with opportunities to learn & achieve their full potential.

a project by

Gavin Rajah

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Just another human being trying to live an extraordinary life and genuinely concerned about children from vulnerable communities and their futures....

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