1000miler, on a Buffalo

Having cycled a singlespeed for two weeks from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 2010 (having completed a 3 month walk from Cape Town to Beit Bridge), I can fully appreciate the difference a bicycle can make in commuting.

And, wanting to undertake a long journey by bicycle once again, I decided to tackle the annual 1000 miler race for Qhubeka... Racing on a Buffalo bicycle.

Yes, I am to average over 160km per day for 10 days while navigating gravel and secondary roads from Johannesburg to Cape Town... And I hope you will support me, and help raise some funds to donate a few Buffalo bicycles.

Upon completion, my Buffalo bicycle will be donated to Qhubeka.

Note: my bicycle and all costs for the event will be covered by myself, so any and all funds you donate will go directly to Qhubeka.

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Ray Chaplin

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Adventurer at heart, softy by nature. Just want to live life and make a difference while doing so.

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