Kindest Cut Campaign

Find out what to expect when it comes to chemotherapy and hair loss. Help Oncology Patients plan to use their energy for staying healthy rather than worrying about how they look.

1 embarked on her own fundraising and awareness campaign on 22 October 2011. She shaved her head every two weeks for the past year. "Never did I know how important my hair was to me, until I had been without it for a year," she remarked. Liza has decided to do it for another year. "The first year will seem easy, compared to the second. I already miss my hair... and the thought of being without it with another year is not a pleasant one. But I want to understand more of what oncology patients experience when dealing with Joe Public, it will help me to equip the Angels Without Wings volunteers better."

You can donate to my "Keepin' my noggin NAKED for another year" ( here on my profile as well.

On the CANSA Website ( there are some awesome articles and ideas with to help Oncology Patients in terms of hairloss.

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Liza Welsh

Rayton, Gauteng, ZA

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CANSA's Kindest Cut Wig Campaign

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