Donate for Fabian to Shave-It!

The debate is on should I be allowed to continue to grow my unruly mop or are you gonna make me shave it all off for a worthy cause ?

I am running two projects to raise funds to support Shavathon 2014. The Project that gets the most donations by 11:00am on 28th February 2014 dictates my fate to SHAVE IT or SPRAY IT at the Shavathon being held at my office!

To my colleagues, whoever makes the highest donation gets the privilege to SHAVE-IT all off if the SHAVE-IT Project wins.

Donate here if you want me to SHAVE-IT!

a project by


Fabian Louw

Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Part time activist for projects I am passionate about

in support of

CANSA Shavathon

Individual Donors & Fundraising Activists 2014

Johannesburg, Gauteng