Skydiving from 10 000 feet to help the rhinos !!!!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :) SKYDIVE DONE SUCCESSFULLY 29.07.12 - and was AMAZING !! I will continue to raise funds until all the countrywide skydives have been completed. :)

IMPORTANT NOTE... total is actually R3000 LESS than shown, (as two x R1500 went through in error :( ... but it has been rectified on ACT's account :) Balance as at 31 July is ZAR 16200 :) not 19200.... But I will still continue to fundraise

Check out Project Africa’s website:

Trying to hit R10 000 - R20 000 by the end of July. First skydive EVER, and this is probably the only reason I would do such a crazy thing.. for the animals !!!!

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I need to raise at least R5000 to skydive for the rhinos. Please sponsor me and help this worthy cause to save the rhinos. Thank you :)

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African Conservation Trust

ACT Rhino Fund

Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal