In South Africa a child is raped every 3 minutes. Most of them are little girls between 4 and 12.

Matla A Bana - A voice against child abuse, is an NGO focusing on minimizing the secondary abuse children suffer when they report the crimes because of the unsympathetic reporting system.

Matla A Bana supplies comfort packs to little girls (between 5 and 12) who has been raped. These packs contain comfort goods (teddy bear, coloring book and crayons), something to eat and drink and emergency goods (sanitary towels, panties, etc). These packs are handed to the children when they report the crimes to the police across South Africa.

Your donation of $20 (R 200) can buy one pack.

Please support this project by donating your $20 and then challenging 10 of your friends to do the same.

This will help the children at one child protection unit for one month. We have more than 300 units needing comfort packs every month.

a project by

Al Queda Hostage Survivor and top motivational Speakers. Ex TV host, radio travel show host and now actively involved in helping abused children.

in support of

Matla-A-Bana Trust


Loevenstein, Cape Town, Western Cape