Beezy Bailey 5 000 Tree Landscape

Renowned South African artist, Beezy Bailey, has launched his 5 000 Tree Landscape project to celebrate his 50th birthday by greening areas of the Cape Flats and you can be part of it!

Help him reach his goal of 5 000 trees - give a tree or two or three today. Indigenous trees = R100 & Fruit Trees = R120 Gift trees... click the DONATE button above!

Beezy Bailey says, “I have been painting landscapes for 30 years and to celebrate my 50th year, I intend to plant, rather than paint 5000 trees in the barren areas of the Cape Flats with the help of my friends, any interested donors and Cape Town-based social enterprise, Greenpop (

We want to change these areas into leafy suburbs. There is no reason why only certain Cape Town suburbs should have trees and greenery. The positive impact that the presence of trees can have in our lives cannot be overestimated. Apart from planting trees at schools, crèches and in public spaces, households will also acquire ownership of an indigenous tree for shade and a fruit tree for fruit. In time they will attract birds and bees and be a source of fresh food. It has been proven that the presence of green spaces and trees affects the spirit and general wellbeing of people, thus uplifting communities and instilling pride of place."

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