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Raksha Nepal in 2004 was formed by the group of young women who also were the victims of gender based violence (GBV). In the earlier days, RN started running with few target groups coming to one room rented place of the Present for basic reading/writing classes and sharing of the ordeals those girls/women went through. In course of time, with small contributions from local donors, it was able to expand its programs in advocacy and media mobilization and recently (in 2009) with the rehabilitation and reintegration. Combining both the advocacy and shelter proved to be more effective and successful. The radio programs covered whole nation, effect of which was issues on GBV and forced prostitution was able to form 21 listener clubs in many parts of the country. The same listener clubs have been mobilized in the grassroot level to advocate and aware people against above issues.

The rehab centre experience showed that RN is the only organization who is taking this particular group in the shelter. Mixing with any other group of GVB victims sometimes proved to be difficult for RN and its staff. The approach to psycho social counseling also had to be specific for girls/women from this background as they have been through a lot of trauma which needed trauma counseling also.

The work initiated during the past years has prompted that the flow of girls/women joining this profession and use of sophisticated means to lure the victims also has been increasing every year. This means that there is an urgent need for action to identify various strategies and stakeholders to tackle this situation. One of the strategies would be to organize girls/women in this sector to through empowerment and make them capable to assert their rights. In the process there is also a need to involve other stakeholders, such as employers, law implementers, police and policy makers, youth organizations and parliamentarians.

Involvement of the past victims who have already spent some months in RN’s temporary rehabilitation centre as resource persons while designing this project has been crucial.Please See the Webside

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