phi·lan·thro·py (fĭ-lănˈthrə-pē)
  1. The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind.
  2. What Lauren Varty does on GivenGain.
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2015 - The Year of Challenges

6,000 ZAR raised, 195 days to go, in support of The Cows

We are cycling/running/ fact, we'll do anything to raise funds for this worthy cause. The tougher the better!! Yes we are crazy... crazy lucky to be healthy enough to be able to go out each day and cycle/run/swim and most importantly..have fun - not everyone is this lucky and least of all those...

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Activist since 02 September 2011
Lauren Varty
Location South Africa
Bio I want to race my cycling races whilst raising funds for CHOC! Simple! Love you all @ CHOC!!


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