phi·lan·thro·py (fĭ-lănˈthrə-pē)
  1. The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind.
  2. What Lauren Varty does on GivenGain.
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14,050 ZAR

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Midmar Mile 2014

1,650 ZAR raised, 89 days to go, in support of The Cows

I've decided to go out of my comfort zone and seeing as I am not α swimmer I decided to push myself and take part in the Midmar Mile seeing as my heroes are constantly being pushed out of their comfort zones and are fighting for their lives. Please help me raise the funds by donating so that we can help these young...

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Activist since 02 September 2011
Lauren Varty
Location South Africa
Bio I want to race my cycling races whilst raising funds for CHOC! Simple! Love you all @ CHOC!!


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