The Blue Cows riding the 2017 947 for CHOC

9 years ago Marko joined the Choc team riding the 94.7 cycle challenge. Over the years, he roped in friends family and others, who were "found" cycling on their own. The team got to be known as the “Blue Cows”. The Blue Cows team has fluctuated from 4 to 14 riders over the last few years. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Blue Cows and and The Cows - We would like to grow the herd and make this the biggest FUNdraising year.

The Cows have set a target of R10 million for 2017.

The highlight of the year has always been the 947 where we ride with the Choc herd. Arrangements are also made to ride as a team at other events – we have been to the Amashova, Fast One, Berge and Dale, Carnival classic, Emperors and the “Argus”, among other social riding (all in our Cows Kit).

While the focus is on fun and team riding – Blue Cows members have also completed the 947 in Sub 3 times while some of us have been proud to just finish the ride. and over the last few years raised funds through this site.

Last year the Blue Cows took on one final challenge and pulled / pushed an ice-cream bike for the 947. If you would like to join us you can send an email to

This year our ride is dedicated to all the Survivors and Fighters and a special thought to those who have succumbed to Cancer - Please donate generously.

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The Blue Cows Team

Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA

Mark,Brendyn,Lee,Robert,Niel,Luka,Marcus,Michele,Nikky,Thinus,Jeets,Mat,Dylan, Byron,Julia,Donna Hon:Mairsa,Rouget,Blaise,Errol,Loretta,Thinus,Shamim

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Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge with The Cows 2017

Rivonia, Sandton, Gauteng