Peninsula Half Marathon

10 years after training for my first half marathon, which I never got to run due to Hal's ill health prior to his death, I have decided that at last I need to complete this mission! Therefore, 10 years older and at least 10 pounds heavier, I will be running the Peninsula Half Marathon on Feb 16th 2014. And what better cause than to run it for, but Home from Home's Challenges for Children Campaign, in which ordinary people are asked to challenge themselves to do something different, in recognition of the challenges that their children face on an every day basis. Please sponsor me and give me something to keep me going during the next gruelling six weeks of early morning training runs!

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Pippa Shaper

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Pippa is one of the co-founders of Home from Home and sometime runner and yogini

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Home From Home

Home from Home Challenges for Children

Cape Town, Western Cape