The Auction of my Hair! TO CUT or ...

I haven't cut my hair in 11 years...but you could change this, for a fee of course!

In 1999, while working as an English teacher in Japan, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. As a result of extensive chemotherapy, I lost all my hair and when it grew back, I was determined never to cut it again.

I feel like my strength is in my hair – it is a symbol for me and other people that there is Life after Cancer. My second chance at life has literally been as long as my hair…

Life, however, does move on. In my case for longer than I expected. People diagnosed with AML in 1999 had a 14% chance at surviving the next five years. It can be a pain getting the tangles out and people regularly tell me that I would look so much better with shorter hair! I really feel torn in two directions so I decided to hand over the decision to the public. That means You!

If you WANT me to CUT my hair at Shavathon 2011, then you need to pay up big time! We'll see which group hits the target first: Those who want me to cut or those who don't want me to - my hair is in your hands!

a project by


Kathleen Anne

Middelburg - Ec, Middelburg, Eastern Cape, ZA

To Cut or NOT To Cut. Only 50 days to go and total of R50 000 to collect, can it be done??? If I can survive AML THIS long, anything is possible!

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CANSA Shavathon

Raising Funds for Shavathon 2011

Johannesburg, Gauteng