team cycling effort..

Monty Hoeft, Julia Woodman & myself from the UK & Olaf Dewald from Germany will be travelling to South Africa to raise money for fantastic nonprofit and sophisticated salesforce user - U-Turn.

We will be joining the Cape Argus cycle tour for the largest timed cycle ride in the world... and Monty & I will be running up Tower 42 - still the tallest [completed] building in the City of London - just to encourage you to part with some cash.

We will use our Matching Funds entitlement - so any donations received will be doubled by The Foundation - well, the first $3k anyway...

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I work for the foundation in the UK. Will be rtavelling to South Africa to raise money for the great U-Turn in March...

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U-turn Ministry

z COMPLETED Project - Argus Cycling tour 2011

Cape Town, Western Cape