Kicking AIDS Out Youth Sport Festival

SCORE Namibia hosts the Kicking AIDS Out Youth Sport Festival each year.

The Festival brings teams of boys, girls and youth sport leaders from all SCORE Namibia communities together to compete in different sports and participate in HIV/AIDS awareness and cultural activities. This year's Festival includes Under 16 boys football, girls football, girls netball and mixed volleyball and about 750 people being hosted by the Keetmanshoop community.

The Festival is now being held from 26-28 August.

After raising R7598 from my Lent Challenge for the Festival, I will continue to fundraise until August aiming for R10,000.

The next venture- a 5km run on 6 August to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of my new ACL (knee ligament)! I know 5km is not a big race, but it will be a challenge for me to run for over 30 mins - considering my current limit is only 7 mins (on a treadmill). So I will use the next 2 months to train and raise another R2,402 for the Festival.

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