Every year ‘anywhere from 700,000 to 4 million persons worldwide are trafficked across or within nations’ with ‘virtually every country affected by trafficking, whether capitalized by traffickers as a source, transit or destination location’ (International Rescue Committee Anti-Traficking Action Coalition ATAC).

There are only ten registered shelters in the Western Cape (South Africa), and only one or two are equipped to handle trafficking victims.

At S-Cape home, we are engaging a holistic programme of skills training and the facilitation of the arts for personal development, to help build towards a manageable reality and a hope filled future. S-Cape provides food and shelter, health care, skills development, discipleship, counselling, legal and migration assistance and future orientation.

It costs less than GBP 1500 / R18,000 (ZAR) to run this project for six months! Awe inspiring when you imagine how little money can have such a wildly powerful impact.

If you believe in what we are doing, and want to help these women continue to gain access to the powers of therapeutic arts interventions, please give generously. If you are interested in further communications, or want to discuss more long term funding (to assist in the work being replicated at additional shelters) please get in touch:


A snippet of a story lived:

After a long and considered campaign to gain friendship and trust Subject A manages to convince Subject B to come and seek a better future in Cape Town, The glorious Mother City. A complicated and already long feeling life are stacked up like ragged boulders on Subject B's shoulders. A window into her previous pains prized open to explore trust again. It ends in a miraculously and unusual escape. A series of lucky intuitive decisions. Unutterable terror at what could have been. A continues and appalled knowledge of deceit, an enormous wall to climb, start again and rebuild.

Subject B is now heading home to be reunited with her father and have her child. She is a courageous, incredibly strong woman who will take determined steps into her future.

A comment on her experience of using the arts for personal development:

'this was a space that I could build up all my problems and bring them.'

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