We have raised £6,500 so far (not all donated through this page) which has trained over 13 teachers so far. Thank you SO much to all of you wonderful donating wonder beans!

Next Fundraising projects:

June 9th 2018 Another Rise Up for Africa Concert with the amazing Ken Burton and the Adventist Vocal Ensemble.

October 10th 2018 We will be combining fund raising with Guinness World Record Day 2018 and a Global Record attempt at the World's Largest Global Maths & Science Lesson: Based on Bubbles!

Please pass on the registration link to any schools you have connection with:


Ongoing: climbing the 5 highest peaks of UK and Northern Ireland. So far, Bubblz has climbed Slieve Donard, Northern Ireland's highest peak (not a lot of people know that!)

On the back burner: A HUGE John O'Groats to Land's End Mathsathon. A self funded journer, giving many rural schools a chance to enjoy Bubbly Maths shows.


Over 8,000 young mathematicians registered for the global Guinness World
Record attempt at the World's Largest Maths Lesson "Just a Minute" based on time.

Over 6,000 young mathematicians registered for the global Guinness World
Record attempt at the World's Largest Maths Lesson based on Sport

Caroline "Bubblz" Ainslie "flew" off the
Bognor pier as part of the Bognor Birdman. There was a live feed on our
Facebook page www.facebook.com/bubblymaths and you can find out more about the Bognor Birdman at www.birdman.org.uk

Over 40,000 learners took part globally in the Guinness World Record attempt at the World's Largest Global Maths & Science Lesson based on DNA.

There are many resources online that are now available to anyone wishing to encourage finding the maths in real life at www.bubblymaths.co.uk/DNALessonresources


Guinness World Record Holders! YAY!

We finally ACHIEVED our first Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Fractal made from Modelling Balloons on Feb 24th 2015 at the Guinness HQ.


We had a MASSIVE Outcome from our Rise Up for Africa Benefit Concert. We raised nearly £2,000 after costs and we had two additional donations totalling £2000.

Well done everyone for a FABULOUS event which will train another batch of teachers!

Rise Up for Africa Benefit Concert was on September 27th 2014, with the FABULOUS Adventist Vocal Ensemble performing at All Saints Church, Haggerston, London.


Our first three teachers have finished their first 3 month course in September 2013. Their next step is to join the two year ACE course, a subject leader course for maths teachers, which starts in 2016. In the meantime AIMSSEC is supporting them in their teaching.

Here is a link to an interactive poster to find out more about AIMSSEC: http://gigaf.org/1bob6F9

AIMSSEC has already changed the lives of thousands of rural and township children across South Africa and currently reaches over 150,000 children every single year, through subject leader training in mathematics for primary and secondary teachers to enable them to upgrade their subject knowledge and to train other teachers, spreading the benefits more widely.


Bubblz and The Pyraloons have embarked on a mission to complete a series of journeys making up One Journey to a Million, raising a million pounds for AIMSSEC. It could take years!

The first journey was up Mount Kilimanjaro, where, on January 27th 2013, Bubblz became the highest clown in Africa and at 5895m, possibly the highest clown in the world.

The second journey was a clownathon, where Bubblz stayed in clown for four months.

Bubblz has now teamed up with the Pyraloons and together we are attempting to break a Guinness World Records with balloons.

Fundraisers Completed:

March 15th 2014 - Cambridge Science Festival, the Pyraloons broke a Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Sierpinski Pyramid (Tetrix) - see www.pyraloons.com and www.facebook.com/pyraloons

October 11th 2013 - Bubblz summitted Slieve Donard, the highest peak in Northern Ireland with her friend Silly Tilly. Bubblz and Tilly, the highest clowns in Northern Ireland!

June 30th 2013 - World's largest Balloon Modelling sculpture.

January 2013 - April 2013 - The Bubblz Clownathon

January 27th 2013 - Bubblz summitted Mount Kilimanjaro

Bubblz's schedule

Jan - Feb 2013 - Mount Kilimanjaro - TICK

Jan 2013 - April 2013 clownathon

June 30th 2013 - World's largest Balloon Sierpinski Tetrahedron

Starting October 2013 - climb the 5 highest peaks in the UK and Northern Ireland.

November 23rd 2013 - A Night in Africa

October - December 2014 - Round the World Clownathon

January 2015 - Mount Kilimanjaro again, to get the Guinness World Record for the world's highest clown.

Bubblz the Mathematical Clown is no expert fundraiser, she and the Pyraloons are staunch supporters of AIMSSEC and their wonderful work and we could do with all the help we can get. If YOU are knowledgeable about fundraising and you love the sound of AIMSSEC's work, please do get in touch :o)

If you would like to run a fundraiser, that would be fabulous! Bubblz will work with you and attend your event if at all possible

All journeys will be generating online mathematical treasure hunts and resources for schools and families to use, covering the many mathematical conundrums encountered along the way, including how we raised funds to pay for the ventures, all the equipment cost, logistics and even navigation... Real life maths!

More Details can be found on www.bubblymaths.co.uk

AIMSSEC is part of AIMSNEI and the UK Registered charity AIMS-NEI Foundation - UK Charity Registration number 1138466

a project by


Caroline Ainslie

London, England, GB

My purpose is to make maths fun for everyone. I do this using clowning, giant soap bubbles and enormous balloon shapes.

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