Racing to save sight

I am going to run the 10 km Great Ethiopian Run in Addis Ababa in a fight to save sight. I will join a group of amateur athletes to participate on behalf of international blindness prevention organisation ORBIS. We face two challenges: the altitude, at 2,300 metres above sea-level this is one of the highest races in the world; and a fundraising target of at least R10,000. It’s a privilege to help raise funds for ORBIS. I’ve been involved with the organisation since it opened an office in South Africa and having seen what outstanding work they are doing I am committed to helping in their aim to save sight, in particular preventable paediatric blindness. This may take training doctors with the latest surgical techniques or something as simple as giving a person access to an antibiotic. In Ethiopia it apparently costs less than R3 to stop someone losing their sight to the infectious disease trachoma. And even in South Africa where there are world-class medical facilities, many children go blind every year simply because they are not getting the right care at the right time. To join me and find out more about how to run in ORBIS’s fight to save sight at the 2012 Great Ethiopian Run contact Joni Watson on 021 447 7135 or Or visit or

What will your money go towards?

ORBIS provides the tools, training and technology necessary for local partners to develop sustainable solutions to the tragedy of avoidable blindness. By building long-term capabilities within our partners we help them provide quality eye care services that are affordable, accessible and sustainable. Your donation will help us continue this work as we develop our Paediatric Eye Care Centres in South Africa and Zambia. More specifically: • For R2,80 ORBIS can stop someone from getting the blinding disease Trachoma in Ethiopia through our Zithromax distribution programme

• For less than R80 ORBIS can perform a surgery that will stop someone from going blind in Ethiopia from trachoma

• R100 is all it would take to transport child to our Paediatric Eye Care Centres so that they can receive surgeries and follow up treatment

• R250 is the cost to ORBIS for paediatric contact lenses

• For as little as R835 ORBIS can perform a sight-saving cataract operation for a child in Zambia.

• For around R2,500 ORBIS can provide sight-saving surgeries and provide regular follow up care for children in South Africa.

ORBIS is dedicated to eliminating childhood blindness in sub-Saharan Africa and has committed to opening 10 Paediatric Eye Care Centre over the next 10 years. With your help we can achieve our vision of a world where no child’s potential is limited by avoidable blindness.

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