Teaching kids to give

Peter and Alex are 7 years old. They agreed to sell their old toys and give the money to families in Irak. It was not easy to convince them.... 

“Why give the money, not again those stories“ one said. And I thought I should have started at age 4. But it is not too late. 

This year Peter and Alex will collect Chf 2’000 for Medair. With the money a family of 5 people can survive for a year in Iraq 

Peter & Alex would like YOUR help to raise the money. Would you help with 10CHF (they take dollars and pounds as well)

Alex is selling his Buzz Lightyear for 30chf as well and the money will go to the families that need it! Would be nice if he could give Buzz Lightyear to another kid, but it is difficult to transport toys ....

Peter needs a bit of help to start giving. No worries, he will get there!

Thank you! 

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Cancel Hunger - Iraq

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