If February 2018 I visited Khayelitsha( the largest township in Cape Town) and was amazed by the work of the Iliso Care Society. 

In the Western Cape nearly a third of children live in poverty. One in ten households go hungry which puts children nutritionally at risk. Medical issues such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are also prevalent. 400,000 people currently live in Khayelitsha which is one of the poorest areas of Cape Town with almost 50 percent unemployment and about 70 percent of Khayelitsha’s residents living in shacks.

The Iliso Care Society provides poverty alleviation, early childhood development, youth skills development, tutoring, women empowerment, community outreach and life skills to the people of their community. 

When I visited Khayelitsha the people of the community were so welcoming and nice and always had smiles on their faces. After seeing the disadvantages they faced, I was inspired to help the beautiful people of khayelitsha. I want to raise money for the Iliso Care Society so that they can continue the amazing work they do on a daily basis for the community. Any donation is extremely appreciated and will be of great value to the people of Khayelitsha. Thank you❤️

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