Protect our precious wildlife

On Sat the 22nd Sept I will be attempting to complete the 22km Sanlam Peace Trail Run. This year I will not be doing it for myself, but as part of TEAM SPCA, an organisation very close to my heart. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA rescues all kinds of wild animals with the focus on releasing as many animals back into into their natural habitat as possible.

 With a dedicated team the Cape of Good Hope SPCA runs a Short-Term Wildlife Care Facility with full-flight aviaries, aqua pens, small mammal night and day enclosures as well as temperature controlled environments for reptiles. The past year saw the admission of 1,725 wild animals and it has become apparent that our wildlife is more at risk than ever as 342 cruelty cases involving wild animals were investigated this year.

Your donations will go directly in aid of their endeavours and every stride I make on the day will be in honour of the donations you make to this worthy cause. 


Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

Whether you are taking part in the 42km Marathon or doing a Peace Run, you are invited to "run for charity" in the 2018 event. Click on "Start fundraising" to create your personal fundraising project for your favourite charity!

a project by

Myrna Cameron-Harris

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

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Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Sanlam Cape Town Peace Trail Run

Cape Town, Western Cape