Curing Curt of Cancer

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My daughter is 10 and her dad, Curt, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in October 2017. Glioblastoma Tumor. Curt is such a happy go lucky soul who would give his own life to help someone he loves and animals too.  He is a magnificent father, son, brother and son and loved by many. Curt is one of a kind whom we can say we need more of in this world. 

He has had surgery and they removed 60% of the tumor. He then did an intensive 6 week radiation treatement and recently he went for the 3 months scan, which showed the radiation shrank the tumor but its aggressive. Although he's been on some alternative treatment, we don't believe the treatment was the right one for him as they tumor is growing again rapidly since radiation was discontinued.

Over and above treatment he's already undergone we are now purchasing the best possible cancer treatment which will cost us R3000.00 per month for 3 months. We are not sure how long he will need this for. We also want him to go for a blood analysis which will be followed by certain costly vitamins and eating plans. We are also wanting to enrol Curt in a quantam healing course which is $400.

Curt's mom, Gillian and Jeff Hopkins such strong amazing people who have both  recently overcome cancer themselves- have been taking care of all medical bills.  We all help where we can but its too much for them alone

We are also considering treatments in the states however we need to find out prices  I want to ease the financial strain and cure my daughters daddy with the Grace of God and the right treatment anything is possible right? 

UPDATE 12/06/2018

Hi everybody, friends, family - Curt has started his chemotherapy last wee and has also been on an extremely high fat high protein organic mealplan together with selected vitamins prescribed at Eirenes Health Shop in Durbanville. Christo Luess - extremely helpful and knowledgable young man! Curt has also received his first cannabis package - at one time during the past weeks, he was swallowing 60 pills a day! :( This undoubtedly has made him feel not so great these last few days. We are onl hoping that his headaches and nausea are due to the poisons leaving his body! We WILL ALWAYS KEEP BELIEVING THIS :) Gilly and Jeff are really so good to him <3 don't know what we'd do without them. Gilly is still working on top of all this - dont' know how she does it! AMAZING WOMAN! WOW. Clearly financials strains are HUGE. The government can not either supply him with the chemo he needs - so we have to fork out R9000 a month! Plus the vitamins and mealplans R3000 for every two weeks - and the cannabis R6400 for 3 months. Its hectic how we need money to keep our loved ones strong and healthy. Please again, share far and wide - thanks to Tamsyn Byrne's suggestion, we're looking into a fundraiswer at the Barnyard - will keep you POSTED XXXX 

UPDATE: 25/05/2018

Dad and Gilly saw their own Oncologist this week and it appears Curt must be on Chemo like "yesterday" - this is going to cost R9000 per month for 6 months!!!!! On Saturday he will be going for blood analysis in Durbanville, I'll let you know how that goes. Thank you so much to everyone has supported us so far - its more apprecaited than you will ever know!

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