Running for a Ballsy Project

Hi there guys. 

I took part in running the Cape Marathon on the 23rd September 2018 and i completed the full 42.2km running in a Speedo for this Initiative. Yes a speedo!!

I am however raising some funds towards this Initiative and asking anyone out there who is kind and willing to Help. I was thinking R1 for every kilometer that i ran would be a ballsy donation wouldn't you think?  

All donations goes towards the educating of young learners. We gotta Love our nuts to check them, so in all due respect, someones has to teach them how.

You donations will be highly appreciated.

Wishing you a Fantesticle day!



Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

Sanlam Cape Town Marathon / Peace Run 2018

Whether you are taking part in the 42km Marathon or doing a Peace Run, you are invited to "run for charity" in the 2018 event. Click on "Start fundraising" to create your personal fundraising project for your favourite charity!

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Rudy Oliver

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Im humble and down to earth. Extrovert and ready for a challenge. I started running not only for personal health reasons but to showcase change.

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Love Your Nuts Foundation

Running your nuts off for awareness

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, Western Cape