Birth of Ghost Town Stars !

Something is happening along the south – eastern perimeter of Ocean view. Nestled below beautiful fynbos covered hills, is a levelled stretch of ground that serves as a parking area for the nearby graveyard.

Every weekend, the parking area is transformed into a bustle of happy activity. Under the watchful eye of four adult organisers, a group of between 20 and 50 children (and a fair sprinkling of adults) gather for sporting activities in the beautiful outdoors. The children are organised into teams by age group, and on well attended days netball is on offer also.

The organisers are motivated by a concern that young people in the area should have the opportunity to engage in healthy activities over weekends. They feel that children should be offered a healthy alternative to counter the ever-present threat of drug pedalling and gangsterism in the area. They have succeeded in creating a regular weekend sporting event, which is already well attended.

Over time, we want to encourage our youth to develop the playing area, and transform the piece of land and adjacent vegetation into a shared community treasure. We want to encourage our youth in between games to clear the area of rubbish and alien vegetation. On the perimeter, we wish to promote the natural growth of our fynbos heritage. We would like to reward our children’s efforts, through issuing them with sponsored sporting kits. We would like to forge links with neighbouring communities, and offer our children escorted hikes along the beautiful nature trails in the area.

To achieve our goals, we have formed a partnership with Gondwana Alive. Gondwana Alive NPC is an established Non-profit Company in the area. This 18A public benefit registered organisation recognises the value of supporting community initiatives which promote nature connection and social cohesion. Gondwana Alive has a sound 10 year track record of managing grants and dontations, and all donations for our project will be administered by this NPC (

... to your generous donations, Ghost Town Spurs hosted a successful Youth Day sporting event on 16 June 2018. In spite of the cold weather, the event was well supported and much enjoyed . Your donations meant that the organisers were able to offer hot meals to contestants and their families. We attracted interest from local communities, and received modest, but very much valued further donations in the form of football kit. 

We were able to use some of the funds to host a local fund raising event, and are looking to sponsor more kit and potentially travel fares for our budding young stars.

Great news !
We are proud to be able to announce that we are now formally amalgamated with the neighbourhood Netball team, and will in future be known as Ghost Town Stars ! Feel free to have a look at the accompanying pictures, for a glimpse of what the future will hold... We next want to develop our sports area, so that we can simultaneously host netball and football matches, on adjacent pitches. Watch this space ! A BIG thank you, once again.

We are asking for your ongoing support to our initiative. We believe it possible for South Africans to unite around the simple goal of giving all of our children access to a better and healthier future. You can personally forward this goal through your sponsorship of the Ghost Town Stars. Please add 'Ghost Town Stars' in the message bar, on the payment page

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