Gustav's Save the Rhino Fund

I am raising money to help protect rhinos against poaching. I am raising this money for rhinos because all rhino species are at the edge of extinction and I want them to get back on track. As well as ending poaching for good, but I'm going to need help. That is why I have set up this website to get that help, once your money has been donated it will be sent to an organisation called "Saving The Survivors" and from there it will be used to take care of the rhinos that got injured in poaching attempts. It will help take care of rhinos who survived poaching attacks. I am asking that you will donate to this cause instead of giving me a birthday present.

Thank you for helping to save the rhinos.

Gustav van Heerden (age 11)

a project by


Dorette van Heerden

Hong Kong, HK

in support of

Saving the Survivors (South Africa)

Saving Seha the rhino

Pretoria North, Pretoria, Gauteng