Helping Cancer Patients

I'm doing this in memory of my Dad who I lost 20 years ago through throat cancer and more recently my most Humble brother whom I lost through a short battle of stomach cancer. I hold it close to my heart, as being the youngest member of the family, my brother opened up to me first about his illness, it broke me but I stayed strong for him and my mum..I will be participating in the Cancer shave a thon 2018

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Rashmee Devpruth Sular

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, ZA

I will be participating in the shave a thon 2018, in memory of my dad and most recently my brother both of whom I lost to cancer

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CANSA Shavathon

Shavathon 2018 - Become an Online Fundraising Champion

Johannesburg, Gauteng