Getting some time on the saddle

While riding a bike at gym has some advantages, like no headwinds or reckless motorists, its crucial to get out on the road as well in preparation for an event. Living in Somerset West brings some pros and cons to getting out on road. The obvious cons are the hills and the relentless wind once you get near Gordons Bay but the pros include some of the most beautiful scenery you could ever hope to see.

The motorists are mostly aware of cyclists and take care around you but you still get those who appear not to even see you on the road.

I have done a couple of 50 -60km rides around the headland past Gordons Bay and am quite happy with my progress. Getting used to the ups and downs and wind also helps confidence I guess.

Like with open water swimming events, the thing you can't really prepare for the bunching and risks involved with starting in a group. This however also brings some serious camaraderie and atmosphere so again, its swings and roundabouts.

But lets not forget why I am doing this in the first place and those who would like to make a donation, big or small, please take a look at the DeafNET website and help me reach my target.



Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

11 March 2018. The 40th edition of the biggest timed bicycle race in the world!

a project by

Richard Newton

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Communication has always been my passion and my day job.

in support of

DeafNET Centre of Knowledge

Cape Town Cycle Tour Fundraiser - Support Deaf Education

Worcester, Western Cape