The WAR on plastic!

I once came across a cape gannet (big white bird with blue eyes) on the beach, it had a fishing net stuck around its neck, he was so tired i could approach it and remove the net around its neck, i was bitten, but the photo after the net was removed is a very special one for me, i live in Africa, we grow up around animals, i love animals! and i will fight for their right to live allong side us! We need to reduce the production or use of plastic in our everyday use, i believe it starts with you! help us make it a better world and cleaner enviroment to live in!

a project by


Deon Bester

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, ZA

Just love the animals, free space and taking cool photos, very active, I hike, MTB, cricket and a new thing is adventure racing!

in support of

Greenpeace Africa

Say YES to the Plastic Ban!

Johannesburg, Gauteng