Greeny Runs for Trees

Our world is disintegrating much faster that we intended. To know that I can contribute in reversing this inevitable future by initiating a fundrasing towards Greenpop, it gives me great satisfaction and pride.

I know that I myself have contributed in worsening the state which in the world is in through the products I have used and the things I have bought. Though Greenpop I can persue a better outcome as I know these funds will be spend wisely toward making our earth greener.

To reach R1800 I am going to make posters explaning my fundrasing intentions through advertising Greenpop. My friends will be joining me while standing next to the road holding the posters with coin collecting tins. We will try to persuade the fellow car drivers to donate by dressing colorfully and moving about with a positive attitude. Can’t wait to see how this turns out and to see how many others have good intentions towards our world.

Here we go!!!

in support of

Greenpop Foundation

Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon 2018 #RunForTrees

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, Western Cape