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For so many of us, sports - and our ability to play as kids - catalyzed our personal and social development. Through play, we learned how to convert obstacles into opportunities, strangers into teammates and friends, and fields and courts into canvasses on which to explore our dreams and passions.

Since 2006, love.fútbol has provided over 35,000 disadvantaged youth with these opportunities to develop, through the creation of safe spaces to play in communities across the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. Just as sports provide a foundation for growth, the football pitches that love.fútbol and its partner communities develop provide a platform for sustainable and powerful social change for children who need these benefits the most.

This holiday season, I am asking you to join me in supporting love.fútbol's mission and goal of reaching an additional 10,000 youth in 2018, by donating $30 to provide one of the 400 bags of cement that goes into the construction of each field. These bags provide the literal foundation for these pitches, and thus the base for love.fútbol's ability to effectively reach children across its partner communities.

Donating is simple - click on the "Donate Now" button on the right and follow the easy steps from there. While $30 contributes one full bag, any and all amounts are welcome.

As an incentive...if I hit my goal of $3,000, I will film myself both getting and proudly wearing a spray tan for 24 hours.

For those donating $100 or more, I will also give you the option of having me (poorly) recreate a famous soccer goal of your choosing, all while wearing a (sfw) costume that we select.

Happy holidays!


love.fútbol is a non-profit that mobilizes and engages communities to plan, build, manage, activate and redefine their own football pitches as sustainable platforms for social change. We raise funds to finance raw materials, provide technical guidance and facilitate the execution of the project. Community members contribute with their talents, ideas, labor and other local resources, serving as partners and agents of change in the process.

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