Education is a huge part of shaping and developing this great country into a place where we are all able to grow, live, share and achieve together. Unfortunately, no matter how much we try, good quality education is still not accessible to as wide a range of learner in this country as we would like.

Being a passionate educator, I have decided to partner with EduNova, an education NGO based in Langa to help bring the wonderful world of education through the use of technology to the underprivileged in the area.

Join me on my mission and support generously. Together we can make a difference in these children's lives and give them, and our country, a better chance of growth going forward.

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Steve Mendes

Somerset West, Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

I am a passionate educator at Bishops Prep School with a real drive to develop children from all backgrounds through sport and quality learning.

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Somerset West, Cape Town, Western Cape