Running the Comrades for the children of LIV Village

It began as a vision of a village on hill with a cross at the centre…it became LIV Village, an inspiring example of how the church, government and business can work fruitfully together when Jesus is at the centre.

LIV Village near Durban is raising children who came out of extreme abuse to become the leaders of tomorrow. And they are expanding their practical model of love, discipleship and nurturing across South Africa with more villages in the pipeline.

Gateway News ( ) Comrades Marathon 2017 runners Afrika Mhlophe and Andre Viljoen are honoured to RUN FOR LIV and urge you to be part of the miracle by DONATING ANY AMOUNT to rescue a child, restore a life, raise a leader, release a star.

Just a few minutes of your time and a small donation will make a difference!

(Read the story we wrote about LIV after we visited the village last November:

During the Comrades Afrika and Andre will be based at the village. We invite you to join us by supporting our Running the Comrades for LIV campaign!)

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