Noldog and The Ivester #RunForTrees

We're volunteering in Cape Town until July. We work at a company called Greenpop, they plant trees, we're discouraged from wearing shoes in the office and at noon, everybody hugs each other. It's a TREEmendous place to work and they are doing incredible things. There's a lot of inequality here evidenced by the "green" vs. "barren" areas, and all of the money that we raise directly funds trees that will bring beauty and fresh air to places in need! It's actually amazing how much difference a tree makes at a school :)

(Noldog scribed the first half of this bad boy and the Ivester finished him off)

P.S. If you need any motivation to donate, think of Nolan trying to run -The Ivester

P.P.S. This is actually going to a great cause and we sincerely thank you for your generous donation

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Greenpop Foundation

Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon 2017 #RunForTrees

Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, Western Cape