While South Africa is classified as a highly urbanized Middle Income Country (MIC) with the most developed infrastructure on the African continent, it also has very high levels of poverty, extreme inequality, and an unemployment rate of almost 40%. In practice, rights violations remain widespread and common despite a globally acclaimed progressive constitution that assures these rights in theory.

ActionAid South Africa (AASA), part of international non-governmental organization working in 45 countries, has worked in collaboration with local organizations in five provinces since 2006 to advance a society free from poverty, inequality and injustice. AASA believes in creating a world that works for us all. This means ensuring rights become a reality for the poor and the marginalized, so they can create change for themselves.

As part of AASA’s mission to empower people with rights and resilience, we are working with 1000 young women in Cape Town and Johannesburg providing support and training through the Young Urban Women programme to change the choices young women in our country have to make every day.

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