Get me on my bike to get others without bikes some bikes

I have been riding a bicycle now for some good part of 29 years of my life and it has brought nothing but joy every time I do so.

I would like to bring this same sort of joy to kids who have to travel for kilometers at a time to reach school. Instead of having them walk for what could seem like an age and a day my aim is to help them reduce their time travelling so that they have time for some of the other pleasures of life. Time saved that they would otherwise be walking to and from school.

For the last 17 years I have ridden each edition of the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and I have never done it for any cause other than myself. Certain events in my life of late have made me realise that participating in any event should be accepted as a gift as it could be your last and so I have decided to ride for a cause for the first time.

For years I have attempted to push my boundaries in all sports that I partake in but certain goals were always out of reach. One of those goals was to do the Cycle Challenge in under 3 hours. The closest I have come was 3:06 back in 2006 and have not managed to get anywhere close since. This year I aim to break that record of mine for Qhubheka which I believe is an organisation who deliver on their promises.

I have seen first hand on my travels throughout South Africa the bicycles that children ride wherever they need to go and the joy it brings them. To allow freedom and mobility to a child is to give them their first trapses into independance.

I hope that you will help me achieve my goal and in turn allowing a child without a bike achieve theirs.

Qhubeka aims to raise enough dosh from the 94.7 Cycle Challenge to donate 198 Qhubeka Buffalo bicycles. Each bicycle costs R2890.00.

I would like to raise, at a minimum, enough for at least one Buffalo bike. Seeing as this is my first charity drive I am hoping to not overextend myself here.

a project by

Shakir Dudhia

Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

This low life maniac is a self-proclaimed masochist who partakes in all forms of endurance events not because he is good at it but because JFK.

in support of

Qhubeka Charity

Qhubeka 947 Cycle Challenge 2017

Johannesburg, Gauteng