Countless dogs die and suffer through the most atrocious circumstances – from training, to fighting, to puppy mills. Bets range from drugs and sexual favours, to R1.5 million on a single fight. For the dogs involved, there are no winners... only pain, fear and death. No animal deserves this.

I will soon be taking part in the 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon, and I have decided to dedicate my race to fight these heinous crimes. The Cape SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organisation in the country and works tirelessly every day to protect those animals in need.

Ripped apart, bruised, scarred, infected wounds and battered from the cruel blood sport of dog-fighting, their bodies tell the tragic story of long-term abuse and neglect. While it might seem impossible to rebuild trust after such atrocities, these courageous canines have an unwavering spirit, resilience and ability to find it in their hearts to love again. These dogs and their desire to be happy again CAN be saved.

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Any support that that you can provide in keeping my legs going for the race in order to support these animals would be immensely appreciated. While my running pins will only be two amongst the 32,000 expected, I aim to put them to good use!

Let's give these dogs a second chance at life.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I could never do something like this without you all. Let's help to put an end this brutal form of criminal activity.

#dontmakemefight-fightforme #fortheloveofanimals


2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon

2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon

Easter Saturday, 31 March 2018. Since 1998, runners have turned out in their numbers to enjoy the atmosphere of the Half Marathon and to support their friends running in the Ultra Marathon.

a project by

in support of

Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Team SPCA - Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon 2018

Cape Town, Western Cape