Extreme swimming to support drowning prevention

As a Cape Town businessman I am aiming to become the first South African to conquer seven of the world’s most brutal, long-distance, open water swims known as “Oceans Seven” – and to help poor communities in the process.

Only six people in the world have completed Oceans Seven -- the marathon swimming equivalent of the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge. The feat requires the ability to swim in extremely cold and warm seas and physical and mental skills to overcome every condition known to defeat open water swimmers, according to the World
Professional Marathon Swimming Federation.

I have completed two of the seven challenges (the 34km English Channel and the 12.5km Strait of Gibraltar) wearing only a Speedo costume, cap and goggles and I aim to be the first South African to complete all seven gruelling swims.

My challenge is driven by my passion for life and my desire to give back: “I believe in unleashing the mind’s potential, constantly pushing boundaries to achieve dreams and helping make a difference by giving back to those in need.”

Please support this campaign by making a donation towards WaterWise. Let us work together to prevent drowning in South Africa.

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