Activities (4)

  1. Allison made a donation - R500.00 to Colab Foundation If the world were made up of people like you, what a better place it would be.

    26 November 2018

  2. Allison created a new fundraising project, Colab Foundation

    22 November 2018

  3. Allison made a donation - R200.00 to Swimming the Midmar Mile 2017 with The Cows! Go Hughes Herd! So inspiring that you're not only teaching Sam about doing what he can for others Just, but you're putting it into action! Love you all and hope you raise more than your target!

    5 February 2017

  4. Allison made a donation - R200.00 to Learn2Learn - Run and Ride 11k for Earthchild Project “No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank. Well done girls!

    20 April 2016