I work for Thrive Hout Bay (http://www.thrive.org.za) and this project has captured the hearts of many of our core team. We are not looking to raise a whole lot initially, we are wanting to set a target to get the garden going to support Ubuntu4All in starting a well thought out well prepared garden ready for success. Using Perma-culture to guide and create this garden through the knowledge of Sam Huckle of Plantwise, we aim to create a truly wonderful place for the kids in the Ubuntu4All project to learn to Thrive. Visit the Ubunt4All website http://ubuntu4all.org/ for facebook information visit and like https://www.facebook.com/Thrive-Hout-Bay-384731951... and join the community caring for sustainability.

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a project by

Julie Anderson For Thrive

Imizamo Yethu, Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

in support of


Environmentally Sustainable Hout Bay

Hout Bay, Cape Town, Western Cape