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The I♥boobies teams will conquer the Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race in March 2017. It is the Tour de France of Mountain Biking and rated as one of the hardest Mountain Bike Races in the World. Of the 650 Teams that will be on the start line, just 20 of these will be women. The race is 7 days long, 15000m of vertical climbing, and some 750km long...on a bicycle across the rugged terrain in Southern Africa.
"Why are we doing it? - for Breast and Cervical Cancer Research, Education & Support" Says Mikayla.
"The places that we will race through are so remote, there are no clinics for screenings, our fund raising will enable mobile clinics to get to these folk" This is our foot (tyre) print

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Nicky Webb

Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

Team I♥boobies racing mountain bikes in South Africa to raise funds for CANSA Active

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CANSA Active

CANSA Active - Cycle

Johannesburg, Gauteng