Project in support the Put Foot Foundation

The Put Foot Foundation is a volunteer based, proudly South African, Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO) and Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO) born out of the need to tackle the daily plight and indignity of children with no shoes. They operate across the whole of South Africa, with particular focus the less privileged and rural areas often overlooked by charities.

They focus on:

SCHOOL SHOES: Providing thousands of school children who are so poor that their families cannot afford to buy them shoes.

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION: Supporting efforts to protect endangered animals in South Africa such as the Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard.

FUNDRAISING FOR OTHERS:Make funds available to, and collaborating, with other section 18 PBOs working for the greater good of our country.

in support of

The Put Foot Foundation

2018 Put Foot Rally

Cape Town, Western Cape