My project was inspired while Co-Hosting 'The Good Stuff' show on with Brent Lindeque (Founder of RAK15) and Lucy Balona ( Head of Marketing and Communications for CANSA). What started out as a joke has developed into this campaign, for the next Shavathon and every one after that I will spraying my armpit hairs various colours to raise funds for CANSA.

This project is my attempt at showing that doing charity can be both entertaining and helpful!

Here is my challenge!

R25'000 - I will twerk in a speed and get "Cansa 25 tattooed onto my body!

R50'000 - I will do a Bikini Run Way show and dance on a poll as well as get "Cansa 50" tattooed on my body!

R75'000 - I will jump out of an airplane naked and get "CANSA 75" tattooed onto my body!

R100'000 - I will quit smoking and get "CANSA - 100'000" tattooed onto my body!

Help me to help those who need it by supporting this project!

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CANSA Shavathon

Individual Donors & Fundraising Activists 2015

Johannesburg, Gauteng