Dear donors - Our family's annual pediatric cancer fundraiser, “Help Afford Life Changing Support” will run from 01/09/17-30/09/17. We are continuing to raise funds to assist South African pediatric cancer patients who can not afford medical aid. The funds will cover the cost of life changing medical needs such as:

- medical port-a-cath and broviac implants which assist and ease medical procedures and lessen pain and extensive trauma. Let's save them the trauma, discomfort and pain... Approximate cost per item - R4 000.

- prosthetic legs for childhood Osteosarcoma cancer patients which improves the quality of the patient's life tremendously. Let's help them walk again... Approximate cost per leg - R17 000.

- prosthetic eyes for childhood Retinoblastoma cancer patients which minimize disproportionate bone growth of the unaffected side of the face & the risk of secondary infection. It also improves esthetic value and reduce the psychological impact and skeletal shrinkage. Let's help them heal and feel confident again... Approximate cost per eye - R9 000.

All funds will benefit CANSA TLC (Tough Living with Cancer). This is a program for pediatric cancer patients and youth affected by cancer. Support is provided to the family as a whole. To read more about CANSA TLC go to

Our South African fundraiser's goal is to raise R75 000 (we are also running a US fundraiser at the same time). To help reach the South African goal - make your online donation now: Click on the red "Donate Now!" button at the top right of this screen.

Thank you in advance! Your donation will impact a young life and "Help Afford Life Changing Support". With thankful hearts, Vlok family...

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